Aweber Freedom Post

Dr. Michael HaleyOk, So this is the Aweber thing where they want to know something we are thankful for. I am thankful for our freedom… we are free… aren’t we? I am a little concerned about my freedom as a Pompano Beach Chiropractor. Lately, we have been seeing some of our freedoms disappear. For instance, it might be illegal for me to refuse to treat a Medicare patient. The government controls the fee schedule and chooses how much a chiropractic visit is worth. Currently, the Medicare rate in Pompano Beach is a range from about 25 to 35 dollars per visit. The patient pays 20% of that and Medicare will pick up the difference… up to about 12 times per year… if all of my paperwork is perfect… regardless of how long I spend with the patient. The problem is that nobody’s paperwork is perfect. So Medicare is going around to chiropractors asking for the little reimbursement they were given back! But I still have my freedom of speech to tell you how lousy the Medicare system is and how this seems to be the template for ObamaCare! Scary, isn’t it? Would you want to go to a chiropractor in Pompano Beach that doesn’t have enough financial incentive to spend the necessary time with you to help you?

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